Aditya Rajput

A creative geek, committed to bringing the best to the table. I want to grow with the team and work for towards a common goal. I believe learning is in every moment, every day.

Life is about adjusting with situations and people.

But happiness is adjusting for the right ones.

Aditya Rajput

Write ups

Write-ups are a written account, in particular a newspaper article giving an opinion or review of an event, performance, or product. Bellow are a few authored by me.

Destruction is 

pro-active creation.

Be the angel of change.

Burn out!

Don't fade away.

Aditya Rajput

To climb mountains sky high,

you must climb the ones inside. 

Aditya Rajput

Animation Storyboards

For videos to be animated, the creative team has to write animation script that works as a guideline for animators. Bellow are animation scripts/storyboards that i have created as an input for animators to develop animated e-learning content.

Money must be the outcome of your efforts,

but not the only driving force.

Aditya Rajput

Every bad emotion we feel





whether it survives in dark corners of our mind 

or fades away into the light

is up to us and our mind.

Think well, feel well.

Aditya Rajput